Dancer.js, a high-level audio API


dancer.js is a high-level audio API, usable with both Mozilla's Audio Data API and Webkit's Web Audio API with flash fallback, designed to make sweet visualizations.

v0.2.1 (6/15/2012)


  • Use real-time audio waveform and frequency data and map it to any arbitrary visualization
  • Leverage beat detection into your visualizations
  • Simple API to time callbacks and events to any section of a song
  • Supports Web Audio (webkit), Audio Data (mozilla) and flash fallback (v9+)
  • Extensible framework supporting plugins and custom behaviours

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Flotr2, a canvas graphing library


The Canvas graphing library. Flotr may be extended by adding new plugins and graph types.

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Extend your node requests


Jumps in your middleware and extends route requests with references

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JSON Front Matter in Node


Extract JSON front matter from strings and files in the style of Jekyll's YAML Front Matter.

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Image diffs in JS


JavaScript / Canvas based imagediff utility.

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